With everything happening for him, Mac joined a group, The Other Side, on lead guitar. Two other band members (keyboards and bass) also came from the UK, the drummer was Swedish and the vocals were handled by ‘Growling’ Jack Downing from the States. Their bass player was occasionally replaced by one Boz Scaggs, who was in the country as a solo performer at the time, until he returned to the US to rejoin Steve Miller.

The band played extensively at student concerts, and as the weather turned sunny, in open air park venues. One ‘gimmick’ they had was Jack’s one gloved hand, which was an attempt at staving off electric shocks due to the groups collection of rough and ready gear. They secured a residency at Daddy’s Club - in Stockholm, which didn’t bring in much money, but they persevered hungry and broke. Karusell records put them in the studio, and one 45 was forthcoming, coupling a group original ‘Out My Light’ with their garage rendition of Dylan’s recent opus ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ cutting it down to fit the three minute pop single format.

With work coming in through that great summer of 1966, both with the Other Side and as a solo performer, Mac decided on a whim to decamp to Copenhagen. An American friend offered them a lift so Mac and Stella packed their belongings into a suitcase and set off. They had 10/- between them, one address in Denmark and Stella was pregnant! Good fortune, however, smiled on them and Mac landed plenty of gigs through a local agent, keeping the wolf from the door.

Above: One of the era's rarest 45's