Colours swirl, patterns collide, Mac joins the Exploding Mushroom. The group; Mac (now on bass), two Danish members, the drummer and keyboard player (who went onto Gasoline), plus two guitarists, one (Tony Weaver) from the UK and the other (Tony Bailey) from Chicago; blew minds with their folk-blues spiked with psychedelia. Their 45, is now among the rarest ‘Chocolate Soup’ delicacies and very hard to find, but doesn’t really do justice to the actual group’s sound, which was experimental Folk-blues rock with heavy psychedelic overtones. Never wanting to stray far from his folk/blues beginnings, Mac began work on an album, where he introduced percussion, and whatever instruments suited the song. A handful of tracks were completed, three are featured on the Anthology, but the project was shelved when a career opportunity came up.

Peter Belli approached Mac to invite him to join his backing band along with the Boom Boom Brothers, Claus Bøhling (guitar) and Jens Otzen (drums). They were billed as Peter Belli & The B. B. Brothers. At last steady paid work was forthcoming, even if it meant the music was taking a different direction. The group appeared on only one single, the rather lacklustre ‘The Girl That Stood Beside Me’, credited to Peter Belli & The Four Roses! They were BIG in Denmark - touring, TV, radio, but the talents of the backing group were too much to contain and in June they broke away to perform as a three-piece in their own right (Cream/Hendrix power trio style) with Mac on vocals.