The 5th of July 1969, The Rolling Stones played Hyde Park - and all the heads were together again. Mac stumbled across Donovan who had in his company Julian MacAllister, a mutual friend from the early St Albans’ scene. Julian was a former art student who happened to fall foul of the Turkish authorities and had recently been released from a substantial spell in a Turkish prison.

They got talking and ideas were exchanged, plans discussed and bygones... well, not mentioned. Mac and Julian, it was decided, would accompany Donovan to his Scottish retreat in Skye, with wives, children, drummer Candy Carr (who Don had played with at the Trip on Sunset Strip in 1966) and the legendary Rod Yallop, who also worked at the Record room, took the photos for Zig Zag and worked as a roadie for Soft Machine.

The idea was that Mac, Candy and Donovan become an electric three piece to tour America, and that Rod would capture the whole experience on film. They rehearsed but Mr Leitch had another change of heart and departed these shores as a solo performer, leaving Mac, Stella and Rod Yallop (the Record Room manager) to move back into the French Row flat that they had shared since Mac’s return from Denmark.