Mick Softly, still living in his van on some waste ground behind French Row in St Albans, had a psychedelic single issued on CBS. ‘Am I The Red One?’ a strange quirky masterpiece which echoed his schizophrenic life which was unpredictable and erratic to say the least.

Mac (on guitar), Candy and Mike Thompson joined with Mick Softly to form a four-piece rock group Soft Cloud - Loud Earth, but the rhythm section left fairly early on, unable to cope with Softly’s bizarre behaviour. Mac and Mick continued as a duo, now named Soft Cloud, playing the Zig Zag benefit with Fairport Convention in October 1969.

Fairport unveiled the songs that would appear on Leige & Lief and the band Mighty Baby were wonderful. Soft Cloud were spellbinding, and afterwards Mac brought on St Albans’ own talisman Ginger Mills, backing him singing 'Remember The Alamo'. It was a great concert and Zig Zag lived to publish another day (for that we are all eternally grateful). Sadly nothing was recorded by Soft Cloud, but they remain an important ‘lost link’ in the story of folk/rock/and beyond. Softly, meanwhile, raging out of control, moved his van to a car park in Flaunden and despite it all managed to secure a three album deal with CBS!