These first 4 tracks were recorded live at the Trestle Theatre in St Albans on 22nd November by Dan Feel and tweaked by Steve The Rod. It gives an idea of how the band sounds in a live situation. The whole show was also filmed courtesy of Colton Productions and The Mighty Smurf and one day, soon we hope, it will be available to the general public.
WHITE ANGEL - 2003 > A 21st Century arrangement of the Amber acoustic gem which we thought would be nice to put out as a single. Joining Ruthie on BVs is Kim Chandler and Bernie is once again in the lead driving seat with Richie Stevens on keyboards. Available on 'White Angel' EP.
IT HURTS ME TOO - 2003 > We were after a 'round the campfire' feel with this one and after a couple of takes it was in the can. Bernie and myself on acoustics with me adding the harp for good measure. As with the previous 4 tracks once again produced by the much underrated Stevie Rodford. Available on 'White Angel' EP.
HURDY GURDY MAN - 2002 > Don wrote this for me back in '68, taking his inspiration from the band I was working with at the time. He then jumped the gun and went ahead and recorded it himself...and can you blame him! Anyway, I thought it was about time I took advantage of his generous gesture and recorded it myself. John Willoughby helps out this time on lead. Available on 'The Anthology' and 'White Angel' EP.
CORRINA - 2000 > Produced at John Ayres' Ayretime Studios in St Albans by Stevie Rodford with Jim, his dad and my good old mate from schoolboy days back on bass, Bernie Devine on lead and Stevie on drums...oh, and I double tracked the harp. We were after a live feel to the recording which I think worked. Available on 'The Anthology'
SEASON OF THE WITCH - 2000 > Same spec as above with me also double tracking some flute this time. A new and raunchy take on the early Donovan classic. Available on 'The Anthology'
SEA SHELL ROCK ME - 1971 > Produced at Olympic Studios in Barnes with Keith Relf at the helm this was one of the Pearls of Amber with Julian McAllister, Ray Cooper and myself meandering barefoot through the forests of folklore. Available on 'The Anthology' and 'Pearls Of Amber'.
TICK TOCK MAN - 1968 > Recorded at Morgan Studios in Willesden with Claus and Jens who made up the original Hurdy Gurdy band. produced by Rod Argent and Chris White, but never released at the time owing to the Musicians Union refusing work permits to the Danish pair. Available on 'The Anthology'.
BEEN ON THE ROAD SO LONG - 1967 > Alex Cambell song recorded in Copenhagen. Can't remember the names of the flautist and percussionist which is most annoying as I think they really added to the song. Well it was the 60s! anyway, many thanks whoever you were. Available on 'The Anthology' and 'Copenhagen Lites'.