record collector july 2003
Copenhagen Lites: "The story behind Mac MacLeod is a fascinating archive piece." Simon Jones, Roots Magazine, Nov 2000.
The Incredible Musical Odyssey Of The Original Hurdy Gurdy Man: "Hit status was elusive for Mac MacLeod, but he had a hand in the success of others, namely Donovan, a friend he inspired. It’s easy to see what Mr Leitch may have picked up as MacLeod is the master of the folk guitar." Ugly Things. Issue 21.
“Mac MacLeod: now there’s a man amongst of the most influential people in my life, one of the greatest blokes I ever knew”. Pete Frame (Rock Family Trees)
“He was the best musician around... I was very honoured to play with him”. Maddy Prior
“A pivotal influence...” John Renbourn
"With so much going on, The Incredible Musical Odyssey Of The Original Hurdy Gurdy Man often sounds more like a compilation album than a career summary, with even MacLeod's crunchy, cracking vocal taking on a variety of moods and tones as the occasions change. Follow the songs with the voluminous liner notes, however, and the odyssey doesn’t simply make sense, it makes one wonder why more people have not heard of MacLeod before. His versions of Bob Dylans ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ and Buffy Sainte-Maries ‘Cod'ine’ are certainly among the best covers either song has seen, while his 1999 take on another Donovan song, ‘Season Of The Witch’ is positively spellbinding. Mac MacLeod was one of the most idiosyncratic stars of the British folk-rock boom". Jo-Ann Greene Goldmine #604